Order Concessions
while Seated!

FCS has developed a secure mobile ordering service, so that stadium attendees will be able to order concessions directly to their seat, with a designated runner delivering the food. *Gratiuities & Convenience fees apply.

Impulse Buys at the Team Shop

FCS's e-commerce component can be applied to the team shop, but we are more focused on creating limited time offers and promotions based on the game to entice fans and incrementally improve team shop sales. This can be applied to apparel, souvenirs, and more right from the stadium seat.

Engage Fans in Stadium-wide Contests

Stadiums will now be able to deploy immediate and compelling contests, engaging devoted fans and casual spectators alike. Real-time contests, results, and prizes.

All-new Videostreaming Capabilities

With improved wifi presence in stadiums and densely-pixelated smartphones, it's now a lot easier for stadiums to give fans an entirely new perspective on the game. Content can be exclusive to those attending the game, or content can be sold and used by the team, who retains full rights and ownership . Along with proprietary content, stadiums can also push out instant replays, team interviews, and other useful videos.

Security and Emergency Medical Services

Ensuring a sense of security to stadium attendees is an important message for venues to deliver. With FCS, the proper authority will be alerted of the exact location of a security or emergency request. Each request is serialized for tacking and accountability. This will help to improve response time while fans are within the venue.

Advanced in-Venue Mapping Services

By leveraging the individualized fan codes, FCS can deliver the exact location of facilities relative to fan's individual seat. In-venue mapping is a hugely useful functionality, especially helpful for casual spectators.

More Content, More Customers

Stadiums can now easily produce and provide relevant content for fans. People check their phones every 10 minutes anyways. Stadiums can use this as an opportunity to provide streaming video, instant replays, team stats, info on rivals, relevant social media links, and even links to connect with sponsors.