Advertising based on Seating

Target advertising based on fan's location in the stadium; this granularity commands higher prices for advertisements. The physical segmentation, inherent in the application through fan codes, of each seat allows the venue to deploy targeted coupons, promotions, and outbound links.

Facilitate Connections with Sponsors

Stadiums can create opportunities for sponsors to interact with venue patrons, delivering timely and relevant content directly to each fan's smartphone.

Another opportunity comes in selling sponsorships for the application, which can be a premium revenue opportunity - ideally sold per season.

Social Media

Make it easy for fans to connect with the stadium, the team, and sponsors. Connecting is more important and easier than ever - make the team, the venue, and sponsors as accessible as possible. Gain fans and followers as the game unfolds!

Managed Wifi Access

Take the stress off of your Wifi Access Points, by accurately distributing the data load. Through the physical segmentation of the fan codes, FCS can predetermine the Wifi spot connected to. Fans can still opt out and connect to the system via their regular carrier service.